As my graduation day is getting nearer, i started to carve my plan to the next phase in my life. It’s scary. really. Adulthood means there is no more room for playing around (or is there?)

During uni, sometimes it is normal to have a day off, without any classes or the lecturer cancelled the lesson for the day. but not for working tho. 5 days a week, 8am-6pm or later than 6. don’t let me start on the possible internal politics and psychological drama within the workplace. hearing stories from friends who have been working after their graduation just last year kinda like give me the immense different between their life in uni and their life in the office. keep in mind, they just graduated last year, last year!


there’s so much that changed in a short period of time for them, i believe, the same thing will happen to me as well.

apparently, i’ve got a good mark for my degree, and secured a job (thank god). however, this doesn’t mean that everything is done for me. the job that i’ve secured isn’t a permanent one, rather a 18-month graduate programme more like an apprenticeship programme. i might have the chance to be absorbed into the company permanently after the 18 months. but yeah other things might occurred.

apparently, a politics student majoring in international relations will be venturing into the corporate world. i am confident enough that i can do my best to work hard and get absorbed into the company. but, that’s one pathway. what happened if i fail to claim a spot there?


Life is always about the numerous pathways you’ve planned and the perfect set of choices that God narrowed down for you. this 18-month programme is just the beginning of my next phase of life, afterwards, there will be more. funny enough i’ve planned several pathways, the pathway if i get the permanent spot in the company, the pathway if i want to do some other stuffs, the pathway if i want to continue my studies after the programme and many other.

pathways are our plans, prayers to let the best ones near us, to ease our endeavors. to have God’s blessings. in the end of the day, pathways are just the glimpse of the future.


half a decade ago i graduated from my high school. 3 days to go, i will be graduating from my university.
between the two points of my life, i’ve learnt so much, not just as a student but also as a man.
life must go on, i know adulthood and working life isn’t easy. it’s scary. but whether i like it or not, i must go into the murky waters, the uncharted territory, the future.
here it goes.
high school graduation

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