Random thoughts

Random thoughts
Never thought that I can see the world, I used to be chained on my own fear of what the world has been, not wanting to go out. Not knowing what traveling really feels like.
One thing i discovered when it comes to traveling the world is you will appreciate your home more. I traveled across the west coast of US for the last few weeks, only to rediscover London’s beauty when i got back, London is actually my second home, imagine the time i got back to KL. scenes of feels will be smacked onto my face.
Another thing that I’ve learnt during my time looking to the world. There will be time where you don’t see any beauty of the place that you’re currently at (when traveling) in my case, Rome and Amsterdam. My advice is, don’t worry about the flaws and turn offs that you experience when the feels stroke into you, rather just go with it. Because you will discover its beauty when you leave…
Keukenhof , geographically not in Amsterdam. If only I could go back time and take more pictures of Amsterdam like i did in this tulip garden
I realized the beauty of Rome after a year I left it, I could only imagine how I could have seen Amsterdam in a different perspective after 2 years I left. This is not a regret, but a motivation for you to come back to the place that you’ve visited one more time in the future.


Rome, now I have realised how beautiful it can be
And a random Germany collage appeared. ๐Ÿ˜€



It has been a long time since I feel this way.


A genuine feeling to be in awe towards someone’s beauty and caliber. The strength of hers, the power and the intelligence that shook my ego. The wind blows bringing me the admiration towards her majestic eyes made of gold, her sweetest smile that puts me into the fantasy of dreams. Yes, it’s her….

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I am craving this soooo much ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

the netizens’ flowchart (Malaysia)

the netizens’ flowchart (Malaysia)

hello everybody, long time no see

The term social media refers to a new wave of Internet based applications. These internet applications enable greater interaction between user and application through user generated content.

The two-way communication of alternative media is the reason why people started to move to alternative media as their source of information and news. This is because they do not just read the updates but given the opportunity to interact or comment the news update. This enhance their freedom of expression to the situation inย Malaysia

So there is no surprise if there is something happend people will start to comment. however, there will be several scenarios of people’s behaviour in social media. and that is how the drama of netizens began. i am here to try my best deciphering the behaviour of the netizens in Malaysia on social media. this pattern is the template behaviour that i come up with. this however, has no intention to plagiarize any existing works on people’s behaviour in social media. if it happens to have something similar with my theory, that must have been a huge coincidence and i am glad that this coincidence happen (if it happens) coz, well great minds think alike eh?

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Which type of “S” should your child be into?

Which type of “S” should your child be into?

Sekolah Asrama or Sekolah Harian?

Tu memang soalan yang semua ibu bapa fikir kan, ada yang fikir dia nak hantar anak2 dia pergi asrama sebab kalau hantar anak gi sana anak boleh jadi pandai, ada jugak fikir kalau hantar anak pergi asrama beban aku senang sikit, jimat minyak nak kena hantar hari2 etc

Since ni memang satu topik yang subjektif aku tak boleh sembang panjang sangat, kena playsafe.

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